Technology Inside
Delivering customized optimization based solutions

Charlotte Software Systems has developed a set of technologies which enable us to rapidly deploy highly customized business software leveraging the latest in advanced optimization technology. Our solutions utilize algorithms known collectively as evolutionary optimization or evolutionary computation. This is a branch of artifical intelligence that deals with searching for 'optimal' solutions in high dimensional search spaces. The advantage of these technologies over mathematical based algorithms is that they can rapidly find very good solutions to very complex problems.

Because of the way these algorithms operate, they must have a very specific set of information about the business problem being solved to work effectively. This client-specific information is so targeted to a particular processes that it has not been possible to develop generalized software solutions that work equally well for multiple clients; even with clients in the same industry who face nearly identical problems. Due to this level of customization, the few vendors who have sucessfully commercialized evolutionary optimization solutions operate as consulting businesses catering to only the largest companies.

Our technology platform makes it possible to deliver these powerful solutions to a wider range of clients because we can rapidly prototype new systems and deliver solutions in a fraction of the time it has taken in the past. This is made possible by our modeling and optimization platform which was designed to abstract all of the details of a custom solution into layers that are easily woven together to form a complete solution. This layering approach allows us to focus primarily on the details of the clients business process.

Modeling Framework

Once the client's process model has been integrated with the rest of our platform, the custom solution can be delivered in a number of configurations. We can deploy applications over the web through a browser or as a thick client application. The tradeoffs between the two choices has been growing smaller as the browser based technologies have matured and thick client applications have become more connected to the web.

From a systems perspective, the solutions can be deployed as stand alone applications or in a distributed environment where the optimization engine runs on dedicated servers. Our platform provides methods to interface with file based data or many popular relational database systems. Integration with existing sources of data and systems can typically be achived through one of these formats.