Services and Licensing

We offer a full range of services from helping you begin to plan for adding optimization to your technology mix to supporting your application after deployment.

Opportunity Discovery

Many businesses know they are leaving profit and efficiency on the table with their current decision support solutions. We provide opportunity discovery engagements to help analyze the areas where you believe there may be opportunities to improve existing processes and we can help suggest additional processes which may be a good fit.

Project Planning

Once a business process has been identified, we work closely with you to understand all of the intricate details so that a complete model can be developed which will consider all of your goals and constraints.


We believe in a rapid prototyping approach to solution development. Our implementation cycles involve several iterations of prototype evaluation and enhancements.


Most businesses need to integrate their software with existing systems and data. Our platform is designed with this in mind, however if unique situations arise, we are able to assist with integration efforts.

Support and Maintenance

We stand behind the software we deliver with support and maintenace agreements. These agreements can be customized to meet your service level requirements.

Software Licensing

We license our systems on an annual or multi-year basis. Licensing terms are based on usage and can be tailored to fit your needs.