Company Background

Charlotte Software Systems was started in 2007 to develop a technology platform that could be used to rapidly develop customized software solutions based upon cutting edge optimization technology. There have been a few companies that have sucessfully applied a set of technology collectively known as evolutionary computation to large scale industrial problems. Many of these implementations have been very sucessful with clients citing millions of dollars in annual savings.

Unfortunately, the technology has not been an option for many businesses because of the long and expensive development and implementation cycles. The risks of undertaking a long term project of this type has proven too great for many.

Our company has taken lessons learned in the field while implementing these custom systems and developed a modeling and optimization platform that allows for a much faster implementation of custom solutions. The platform was originally designed and tested around a oil field optimization solution and has since then been enhanced to handle a broad set of optimization problems.

We offer a full range of services including:

  • Opportunity Discovery - for helping businesses identify specific parts of their processes which could be improved with optimization technologies
  • Project Planning - to scope out the problem details, goals and constraints of a specific process
  • Implementation - to develop the clients customized solution on top of our platform and customize the user interface
  • Integration - planning and development to integrate the solution with existing data and systems
  • Maintenance and Support - to ensure the solution meets your needs over time

Our goal is to become the leading vendor of business solutions utilizing advanced optimization methods. To meet that goal, we are actively engaged in research and development to improve our core platform in order to deliver the adaptive solutions that businesses required.