Innovative Solutions
Process and scheduling optimization
Business process and scheduling optimization

Charlotte Software Systems specializes in cutting-edge optimization software to support enhanced tactical and strategic planning. Our systems can help optimize a number of complex business processes from large scale resource scheduling to strategic asset allocation.

The foundation for our solutions is a powerful modeling and optimization platform upon which we capture the intricate details of your specific business process. Our solutions are delivered with attractive user interfaces which allow business specialists an intuitive way to manage their process. The resulting application is precisely tuned to fit your business while leveraging a proven platform of advanced optimization technologies.

Latest News
New modeling framework announced
The upcoming version of the optimization modeling system utilizes a meta-language system for expressing both optimization level models and domain level models in a unified environment. This exciting new version will enable faster implementation of custom optimization systems.

Mobile Resource Scheduler (beta)
A beta version of the Mobile Resource Scheduler is now complete.
Technology Inside

Our optimization framework encompasses a large number of algorithms from Evolutionary Computation - a branch of artifical intelligence. Common algorithmic approaches found under this banner include:

  • genetic algorithms
  • evolution strategies
  • particle swarm optimization
  • ant colony optimization
  • tabu serach
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Identifying Opportunity
Which problems are good candidates for optimization technology?

Each industry has their own unique opportunites. We typically look at these areas:

  • Business units involved with scheduling, resource allocation or problems with many competing goals and constraints
  • Processes spanning multiple business units. One unit's 'optimal' often leads to a sub-optimal process overall
  • Engineering problems with many decision variables or simulations to evaluate
  • Strategic decisions where there are many goals, dependencies and constraints
Solving Problems

Business problems contain many variables, goals and constraints. Finding the best solution is often harder than it appears. To illustrate, consider a simple problem:

Arrange 30 books on a bookshelf and then re-arrange them. How long would it take to try all possible arrangements?

The answer is 30 factorial - or 2 followed by 32 zeros. It would take you and all your co-workers thousands of years to try every combination!

Business problems arent so simple. There are many more concepts to consider, a more limited number of solutions which are valid and a large set of constraints and goals. Our optimization solutions are an ideal match for solving these types of problems.